Best Beaches Dominican Republic - Top 10

Best beaches Dominican Republic – Top 10

27. February 2020

Large coconut palms surrounded by white sand. In addition, turquoise blue sea, which invites you to swim in paradise at the most pleasant temperatures. It is these fantastic pictures of beaches that make the Dominican Republic a dream destination for many vacationers. But it’s not just the look that is fascinating: the sand known as coral sand is so fine and soft that it feels like powdered sugar. With about 1200 kilometers of coastline, the Dominican Republic offers its visitors countless such picture-perfect beaches.

Best beaches Dominican Republic

Playa Bavaro – the heart of Punta Cana

Karibischer Traumstrand In Punta Cana
Punta Cana

The more than 50 kilometers long Playa Bavaro is the center of attraction in the tourist destination Punta Cana. The water here is crystal clear and the path into the sea leads through the finest coral sand. Coral reefs run directly off the coast. They serve as natural fire protection. Locals offer Dominican souvenirs and handicrafts in typical small huts. A variety of coconut palms provide pleasant shade for beach visitors when it gets too hot in the sun. The wonderful underwater world can be explored with diving offers or in boats with a glass bottom. Holiday resorts of well-known hotel chains provide suitable accommodations with all-inclusive offers.

Playa Coson Beach – beach with a special character

Near the tourist town of Las Terrenas in the north of the Dominican Republic is the Playa Coson Beach . This beach is one of the most beautiful in the region and has a special character. Although holiday hotels, water sports and restaurants can also be found here, it still exudes a feeling of carefree freedom. Lie in the gently sloping water and switch off, use one of the many water sports on offer or enjoy a typical national specialty in one of the restaurants. Playa Coson Beach has the right holiday program for everyone. As one of the longest beaches in the region, it also invites you to take a long walk.

Cayo Arena – paradise coral island

Best Beaches Dominican Republic - Top 10
Dream beach Cayo Levantado

If you are looking for the ultimate postcard motif of the Dominican Republic, come to Cayo Arena . From Punta Rucia, boats go directly to paradise every day. The crossing is already fantastic. Cayo Arena is slowly approaching as a small spot. At the destination, the holidaymaker shows an unforgettable picture: on a sandbar, which is only about 10 by 30 meters tall, there are beach huts in which fresh fruit and cold drinks are waiting. The coral island known as the paradise island is surrounded by a coral reef, crystal clear water and the endless expanse of the sea. Thousands of fish in colorful colors flock here. They offer a pictorial invitation to snorkel and perfectly round off the postcard backdrop.

Playa Grande – wide sandy beach with an excellent reputation

Locals call the beach to the north the cleanest and safest beach in the country. Here the visitor will find neither rubbish nor natural residues such as sticks or algae. A large guarded parking lot belongs to the Playa Grande as well as public showers and toilets. Due to its width, it has enough space for pleasant privacy. Due to a missing reef, hardly any hotels were built. The endless sandy beach is surrounded by palm trees and partly covered with volcanic rock. Surfers can look forward to excellent conditions at Playa Grande.

Playa Bonita – idyllic beach in Las Terrenas

Best Beaches Dominican Republic - Top 10
Las Terrenas Beach

Visitors describe Playa Bonita as idyllic and quiet. The beach is relatively narrow, but it can score with wonderful bathing waves and the wonderful natural landscape. When strolling you are surrounded by dense trees and palm trees. Rock formations played around by the water create a bizarre and impressive backdrop. The paved riverside path is closed to motor vehicles and many people like to use it for a romantic evening stroll. At Playa Bonita you can admire sunsets that can be called film-ready. Bars and restaurants provide cozy opportunities to linger and enjoy.

Juanillo Beach – the ideal family beach

Particularly flat beach and very calm water make Juanillo Beach a popular destination for families with small children. The offshore reef also provides gentle water many meters into the sea. Due to its remoteness and exclusive location in the most affluent region of Punta Canas, the beach is never crowded. Offers such as kayaking, snorkeling or horseback riding enable varied sports activities. A large selection of tropical dishes and drinks ensures the physical well-being of the bathers. In addition, concerts and festive events take place against this wonderful sea backdrop.

Playa El Valle – natural dream stand on the Samana peninsula

Find Here The Best Beaches In The Dominican Republic
Best Beaches Dominican republic

Embedded to the left and right of mountains is the Playa El Valle 45 minutes from Santa Barbara de Samaná. As a rather unknown beach, it is the destination of guided tours, but there are often never more than a handful of visitors on site. Undeveloped and natural, there is a special idyll at Playa EL Valle. In some places cool and clear mountain water flows from a rock into the sea. The sometimes strong waves, in combination with the mountain and rock landscape, give a rough but impressive picture. Original Dominican cuisine is available at some small beach bars. There, beach guests can fortify themselves with a wonderful view.

Playa Moron – where pirates once sought protection

Playa Moron is located in a protected bay opposite the rocky island of Cayo Limon. Pirates also used to protect this bay. Until a few years ago, cannons could be admired at the eastern end, which allegedly had to be left behind when pirates tried to escape. 500 meters of fantastic sandy beach, a tame surf with ideal snorkeling conditions and large coconut palms as shade provide a paradise-like setting. The dense lawn at the edge of the forest is an enchanting place for a picnic in between. If you don’t want to bring something yourself, buy tasty little things from one of the few flying traders who stroll on the beach.

Playa Las Ballenas – Merengue sounds in a relaxed atmosphere

Best Beach Las Ballenas
Dream beach Las Ballenas

Playa Las Ballenas is the westernmost beach of Las Terrenas and is considered the most beautiful there. Translated, the name means “whale beach” based on three sandbars off the coast, which together form the shape of a whale. The long sandy beach is a feast for the eyes. In a relaxed atmosphere, holidaymakers can read a book, simply dream away or listen to the sounds of merengue music. Locals bring their radios with them and provide suitable rhythms to palm trees and fallen coconuts in the white powder sand. There are numerous water sports options for action. At the end of the beach you come across a forest and angular black rocks.

Encuentro Beach – hotspot for surfers

Encuentro Beach is one of Cabarete’s famous surfing beaches. Rather inconspicuous, it is a hotspot for the global surfing scene and serves as a venue for various competitions. The most famous competition is “Master of the Ocean” and takes place in February. Surfing conditions are good all year round at Encuentro Beach. But it’s not just the professionals who get their money’s worth. In the middle of the beach there are longer and lower waves that are suitable for beginners. Newcomers to the boards can get professional support in the surf schools. Bathers are advised to wear bathing shoes, as small sea urchins hide in several places. In addition, some parts of the beach are rocky.