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    Active trip in the north

    8 days active trip in the north
    The Dominican Republic has more to offer than just all-inclusive, white sandy beaches and palm trees. Especially the north coast offers a variety

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    Adventure and Trekking

    During our 2 weeks adventure and trekking holiday in the Dominican Republic you will get to know the most beautiful trekking paths of the North of the Dominican Republic.

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    Diving in Puerto Plata

    8 days Diving in Puerto Plata
    The Dominican Republic with the Atlantic Ocean in the north and the Caribbean Sea in the south offers dive sites for every level of

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    Highlights Dominican Republic

    2 weeks Dominican Republic roundtrip
    The Dominican Republic is a dreamlike island state which could have come from a picture book and a symbol for exotic holiday dreams. Experience some

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    Highlights of the North

    8 days Highlights of the North Tour
    Experience all important sights of the North of the Dominican Republic in this short trip. Try canyoning and waterfall climbing at the famous 27

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    Horseback riding in the Caribbean

    8 days riding Dominican Republic
    Riding dreams come true in the Dominican Republic! Race the waves of the turquoise blue sea along the white sandy beach. Rides through the magnificent

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    Nature Lovers

    15 days nature lover tour
    Experience all the natural beauties of the north on this trip. A tropical river boat tour takes you along the river Rio Sabaneta de Yasica

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    Puerto Plata and Samaná

    15 days Puerto Plata and Samaná roundtrip
    On this combination trip you will get to know the north and the Samaná peninsula. The absolute highlight of the trip is the excursion