Trips to Dominican Republic

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Trips To Dominican Republic - Cayo Levantado

Activities for trips to the Dominican Republic

Whether you are looking for an individual round trip starting from Punta Cana, Santo Domingo, Puerto Plata or Samaná, we offer the right trip for every Caribbean fan. Exciting adventures on the Zipline in the middle of the Samaná jungle, a riding tour in the outback or a rafting trip along the Yaque del Norte river.

These are only a few highlights of our travel offers. Our activities will make your trip to the Dominican Republic a remarkable experience.

Most Beautiful Places on our Trips to Dominican Republic

Barahona is a province in the Dominican Republic and a great travel region. Iguanas, flamingos and crocodiles can be seen up close in the Laguna de Oviedo.

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Trips to Dominican Republic

The state capital Santo Domingo with its numerous sights with UNESCO World Cultural Heritage status is an absolute must-see for architecture and culture enthusiasts. The Faro el Colón, the Los Tres Ojos Cave and the historic Alcázar de Colón Palace are just a few of the highlights of a city tour.

You should also not miss a visit to Constanza during your holiday. The highest city in the Caribbean is considered a blatant counterpart to the otherwise warm and sunny Caribbean island. The annual temperatures vary between -2 to 27 degrees Celsius and the city, framed by over 2000 meters high peaks, offers the best possibilities for adventure tourism.

The cable car of Puerto Plata which is located further north is a well-known postcard format of the Dominican Republic. The coloured gondolas are a typical silhouette of the colourful Caribbean. The trip costs about 10€ and offers a great view of Puerto Plata.

You can relax and unwind on the Dominican Republic excursions to the various islands during your Dominican Republic trip. The Saona Island, Paradise and Barcardi are also absolute dream destinations for snorkelling enthusiasts.

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Explorer Trip

On this round trip you will get to know Punta Cana, Bayahibe, Santo Domingo, Barahona, the north and the peninsula of Samaná. Paradise & Bacardi & Saona Island, Bahia de las Aguilas, Larimarmine, El Limón waterfall, Damajagua waterfalls, Salto de Jima, an off-road jeep safari, various great beaches and the lagoons Laguna de Oviedo and Laguna Gri Gri are on the program.

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Highlights Dominican Republic

2 Weeks Dominican Republic roundtrip
The Dominican Republic is a dreamlike island state which could have come from a picture book and a symbol for exotic holiday dreams. Experience some

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Puerto Plata and Samaná

15 days Puerto Plata and Samaná roundtrip
On this combination trip you will get to know the north and the Samaná peninsula. The absolute highlight of the trip is the excursion

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Nature Lovers

15 days nature lover tour
Experience all the natural beauties of the north on this trip. A tropical river boat tour takes you along the river Rio Sabaneta de Yasica