Coronavirus Dominikanische Republik

Coronavirus Dominican Republic

7. December 2021

Measures taken to contain the coronavirus in the Dominican Republic.

Bar Dominican RepublicThanks to prudent decisions at the beginning of the pandemic, the government of the Dominican Republic has so far succeeded in preventing the uncontrolled spread of the coronavirus. For example, a nighttime curfew introduced at the time was lifted as early as October 2021. In addition to a general obligation to wear masks in public, care is also taken to ensure that distances are observed. Further restricted is the availability of alcoholic beverages, as they may not be served or sold between midnight and 5 am. On weekends, however, the alcohol ban does not go into effect until 2 a.m.

Furthermore, temperature measurements are frequently taken in public places in order to detect people suffering from the coronavirus at an early stage. All these measures and safety precautions contribute to the fact that the incidence value in the Dominican Republic is rather low compared to the rest of the world. For example, the incidence value at the end of November 2021 was 33.6 percent. Due to these low values, the Dominican Republic is not classified as a high-risk area by Germany. However, compliance with the rules described is closely monitored and violations can be punished with high fines.

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Despite Corona, a relaxing vacation in the Dominican Republic is possible

Coronavirus Dominican RepublicSince the beginning of the pandemic, hotels in the Dominican Republic have been paying even more attention to hygiene than they already were. This means that all areas of the hotel facilities are regularly disinfected and great care is taken to implement the existing hygiene concepts. In this context, guests are also asked to adhere to the hygiene rules and, for example, to disinfect their hands before entering the restaurants and bars. Another important component of the measures against corona in the hotels of the Dominican Republic is the observance of distance rules, both among guests and towards staff. Masks may also be mandatory in the public areas of a hotel complex.

Since mid-October 2021, either proof of vaccination or a PCR test no older than 7 days is required to enter restaurants, stores and hotels, as well as events. Since this regulation also applies to public transport, you should prepare accordingly for excursions and carry either the vaccination certificate or PCR test with you.

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What are the entry requirements for the Dominican Republic?

No vaccination is currently required to enter the Dominican Republic. However, the usual entry form must be filled out. A negative test does not have to be presented either. However, since proof of vaccination or PCR testing is required to visit many establishments, it makes sense to have one of these two proofs already at the time of entry. This is because those individuals from whom either proof of vaccination or negative PCR test is available are exempt from the random tests that are performed on some travelers. However, this does not affect the mandatory temperature measurements that visitors to the Dominican Republic are required to take when asked to do so. If corona is suspected by one of these measurements, a quarantine must be started in the Dominican Republic. Only a corona test or proof of vaccination is required for entry into Germany from the Dominican Republic. The required test for the return to Germany can usually be done in his hotel, where trained staff is available. This also applies to PCR tests in the Dominican Republic.

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