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Dominican Republic attractions

22. December 2021

Finding places of interest in the Dominican Republic is not difficult.

Since the Dominican Republic is known for sightseeing in a class of its own, a trip to this beautiful country is worthwhile. Especially the capital of the Dominican Republic, Santo Domingo has a lot to offer and impresses with its picturesque historic old town. But not only history buffs are in good hands in this Caribbean metropolis, partygoers will also find everything around the city’s promenade that makes for a relaxing vacation.

Dominican Republic Sightseeing Isla SaonaThe beautiful island of Saona in the east of the country, on the other hand, is more tranquil and quiet. Known for its abundance of birds, the island is a worthwhile excursion destination and welcomes its guests with a tropical atmosphere and lots of charm.

Another natural monument that captivates many visitors is the El Limon waterfall, considered one of the most beautiful of its kind in the entire Caribbean. This magnificent sight can be reached either by a leisurely hike of several hours or by kayak. Also in the interior of the Dominican Republic is the very worth seeing climatic health resort Jarabacoa, from which wonderful hikes in a landscape characterized by pine trees are possible. Jarabacoa is also known for the nearby Rio Yaque del Norte river, which invites you to try rafting.

Dominican Republic attractions on the coast

Los Haitises NationalparkBut also near the coast, the Dominican Republic has attractions to offer. Very popular, for example, is Los Haitises National Park, located on the Samana Peninsula, where, among other things, you can admire dense mangrove forests and fascinating limestone caves. Some of these caves are famous for their cave paintings and provide very interesting insights into the history of the Dominican Republic.

To swim in the sea to your heart’s content, on the other hand, Catalina Island, located in front of the metropolis of La Romana, is ideal. Because this very small and uninhabited island impresses with its dream beaches and invites you to spend carefree days in a wonderful environment. Another place that is perfect for a beach vacation is located in the north of the Dominican Republic, where around Puerto Plata 80 kilometers of beaches are waiting to be explored.

The town of Puerto Plata itself boasts interesting attractions such as the Fortaleza San Felipe fortress, where history seems to come alive. However, if the north of the Dominican Republic is more of a place to be physically active, a side trip to Paradise Island sandbar, considered one of the most beautiful snorkeling areas in the Dominican Republic, is worthwhile. This area, also known as Cayo Arena, impresses with a fantastic underwater world and a dreamlike atmosphere.

Interesting attractions in the jungle

Jungle Dominican RepublicIn the middle of the jungle not far from the metropolis of Puerto Plata, the Dominican Republic presents sights for the whole family. For the spectacular Damajagua waterfalls offer a total of seven collection pools, in which lots of swimming fun is announced. The total of 27 waterfalls are known for breathtaking sights and are classified by connoisseurs as one of the most beautiful sights of the Dominican Republic.

If less hustle and bustle than at the Damagua Waterfalls is desired, the beach Bahia de las Aguilas in the southwest of the Dominican Republic is wonderful, because this beach, which can be reached most quickly by boat, convinces with its naturalness and solitude. Fine sand, crystal clear water and an atmosphere of peace and harmony make a stay at this beach, considered the most beautiful beach in the Dominican Republic, an unforgettable experience.

Exceptional, beautiful and very interesting, such is the fascinating Lago Enriquillo in the west of the Dominican Republic, near the border with Haiti. This salt lake is known for its extraordinary vegetation and is located at the lowest point of the entire Caribbean. Due to the contrast with many other natural monuments and places of interest in the Dominican Republic, a visit to this place is a good idea especially if you want to get to know the Dominican Republic in all its facets.

Other great destinations in the Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic Sightseeing Altos De ChavonHowever, since the Dominican Republic not only shines with a wonderful nature, but also has some historical monuments of special quality to offer, this Caribbean country is especially suitable for guests who like it varied.

A wonderful place to relive the history of the Dominican Republic is the village of Altos de Chavon near La Romana, which is a replica and built in the style of the 16th century.

However, if the paradisiacal landscapes of the Dominican Republic should be the main focus, the waterfalls known as Salto la Jima in the heart of the country are a nice alternative. Because in the surroundings of the two waterfalls, which can be admired on site, a unique flora and fauna can be observed from close up.

More sporty is the north of the Dominican Republic, where the Laguna el Dudu attracts daredevils. There you can either jump into the lagoon from a height of ten meters or glide over it on a zipline. Just as impressive as the lagoon is the highest mountain in the Dominican Republic. This is due to the fact that the over 3000 meter high Pico Duarte is also the largest mountain in the Caribbean and can be climbed.