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Kitesurf Dominican Republic – Paradise for kitesurfers

8. July 2018

Kitesurf Dominican Republic – The best spots

When you think of the Dominican Republic, you immediately think of Caribbean beaches, turquoise blue sea, and bright sunshine. In recent years, this popular holiday destination has also become more and more popular among kitesurfers and attracts many wind-hungry surfers every year.

More than 25 different kite spots spread all over the island and offer perfect conditions for beginners and advanced kitesurfers.

Cabarete in the north of the island is a destination known to kiters all over the world. Cabarete is windproof and can be visited all year round. Due to the length and width of the beaches, Cabarete is perfect for beginners as well as for advanced kiters.

Stand Up Paddle
Stand Up Paddle in the caribbean

If you want to escape the hustle and bustle in and around Cabarete during the high season and are looking for a kite area away from mass tourism, you should visit the Samana peninsula near Las Terrenas. The atmosphere is more relaxed than in Cabarete and the landscape with its dream beaches, the green mountains and waterfalls leaves nothing to be desired. Statistically the wind there is always a little weaker than in the neighboring Cabarete. //You missed the g in allerdings in the source

Playa Popa near the town of Monte Cristi is a perfect kite beach for beginners, intermediates, and professionals. The water is crystal clear. The wind is not very strong, but there is enough space to launch the kites safely.

The best kitesurf schools on the island

Since the best conditions prevail in the north of the island at the Atlantic Ocean, the schools are distributed rather on the north of the island.

Kitesurf Punta Cana – KBS School

In the Punta Cana region, in the very east of the island, is the Kitesurf Punta Cana – KBS School located. It is one of the best addresses on the spot and is praised by travelers. The school is located on a lagoon protected by a reef, providing perfect conditions for all levels.

Kiteology – Kitesurf Academy

In Bavaro, just north of Punta Cana, the Kiteology – Kitesurf Academy is a good address for beginners. The kite instructors are very friendly and teach the beginners the basics of kitesurfing in a relaxed atmosphere. Students report that they were already on the board in the second hour.

Beach In Punta Cana
Dreamly beach on Punta Cana

Pro Kite Cabarete

In the north of the island, in Cabarete, the school Pro Kite Cabarete is a recommendation. The school uses new high-quality material and supports the kite students on the water by radio.

Kiteworld school-Las Terrenas

A little further east in Las Terrenas is the Kiteworld school located. The instructors adapt flexibly to the conditions and also bring beginners onto the board in the shortest possible time.

Kite Buen Hombre

In the northwest of Buen Hombre, the school Kite Buen Hombre is the tip for beginners. The kite school is idyllically situated on a quiet beach and creates the perfect holiday atmosphere. // I would rewrite this sentence or delete “familiär” because that’s something which is rather based on staff and not location

These kites should be in your luggage

Kite Sizes
Kite Sizes for the Dominican Republic

With the different types of kites, beginners in particular quickly lose the overview. Because one can distinguish between C-Kites, Bow kites, Delta kites, OpenC-Hybrid kites and Mat-Foilkites, which all have different sizes and a different behavior.

Beginners can rent kites on site. For beginners who want to bring their own kite, Bow- and Delta kites are ideal. Meanwhile, there are also mixed variants and the kites are not too fast and especially good-natured. C-Kites and Open C Kites are more for advanced kitesurfers than for beginners.

In Cabarete, you should have kites between 10 and 13 square meters in the summer months (May to July) in your luggage, from August to April you should bring the larger kites (13 to 16 square meters) to make the most of the conditions there.

In winter, from December to February, you should also pack a wetsuit. For the rest of the year, the suit is usually not necessary.

When are the best wind conditions?

The beaches of the Dominican Republic are located in the north at the Atlantic Ocean and in the south at the Caribbean Sea. That is why there are two rainy seasons on the island. In the north there is heavy rain from October to May, in the south, there’s more rain from May to October. Water temperatures in the Dominican Republic are pleasantly warm all year round. However, wind conditions fluctuate throughout the year. The winter months of January, February, March and the European summer from July to August are definitely recommended for a kite holiday. The wind tends to be somewhat stronger from June to August. The months of October to December should be avoided due to the hurricane season in the tropics.

The secret kite tips in the Dominican Republic?

Kitesurf Dominican Republic - Paradise For Kitesurfers
Kite tips Dominican Republic

Especially the region around Cabarete is too crowded for many people and the search for insider tips has begun. If you want it a bit quieter, you should have a look at Buen Hombre. The place with an attractive kite area is located in the northwest of the island and invites kitesurfers with its family atmosphere to relax and have fun on the water away from the hustle and bustle.

The east of the island is actually rather windless in summer, but in the region around Punta Cana, there are also enough thermals in summer to kite. That is why Punta Cana and the surf spot Uvero Alto can be described as an insider tip in the region.

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